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Wildlife are one my favourite bands to see live and they just so happen to roll through town tomorrow at The Casbah! I got a chance to speak with lead vocalist Dean Povinsky about the band and their newest album …On the Heart.

Wildlife play The Casbah tomorrow, March 19th, with The Fast Romantics and local support Allotrope, Gdansk, and Forgotten Glory. Doors are at 7pm.

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The second of three secret bands to send off The Casbah's Lounge space was The Dirty Nil!

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The first of three secret bands to send off The Casbah's Lounge space was Arkells!

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Win a pair of tickets to see The Balconies at The Casbah AND a copy of their new CD Fast Motions.

Show info:
The Balconies with supporting act Say Yes
Thursday, February 20, 2014 / 8 PM
All Ages
The Casbah (306 King Street West)

Eligibility: Must be able to attend the show


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As we patiently await New Hands' debut album - some footage from their last big show The Casbah a couple months ago.
11 months ago on 7 October 2013 @ 1:33pm


Huge show this week! Local favourites New Hands play their last show for a full year at The Casbah.

Come send off Ben and Spence in style before they jet-set to Europe and hear their debut album Leave With The Night played in its entirety. Plus, brand new merch!

Also on the bill - Illitry and River Tiber.

Thursday, August 8th, 2013
The Casbah, 306 King Street West

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I celebrated my birthday at The Casbah with Kirby, Dawn and Marra, Quails In The Nest, Redanda, The Great Machine. Proceeds from the night were donated to the food bank at Welcome Inn Community Centre.

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Author and reporter Sam Sutherland came to The Casbah to chat about his book Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk. Along with George Pettit of Alexisonfire, they gave a great chat about Canadian punk, including some Hamilton connections.

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I’ll be celebrating my birthday, Hamilton-style, at The Casbah on April 6th! Featuring some of my favourite local talent and proceeds from the show will be donated to a local food bank.

Event page

Saturday April 6, 2013
Casbah Lounge
(306 King Street West, Hamilton)
(Proceeds going to Hamilton food bank)

Performances by:

Come party!!

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THE ROYAL ASCOTS - May 31, 2012

The Ascot Royals
The Casbah 306 King Street West

It’d been a while since we had seen The Ascot Royals play, the last time being far before the Tour even started! I remember it well. It was February 2011 and Carly, Kristin and I found ourselves at the Casbah Lounge on a cold winter’s night dancing along to the Ascot’s infectious dance rock beats. This Brantford-based band certainly know how to rock a show and Kristin and I were looking forward to seeing them play again, knowing also that the next time we’d be seeing them play would be at our very own Playlist 1.0. And judging by the turnout at this show, this is a band certainly not to be missed. 

I arrived at the Casbah after Kristin and we sat at a table (one with those high stools) catching up on all things Tour related, excitedly talking about the fundraiser and stoked to see The Ascot Royals play. We found ourselves looking at the beer taps on the ceiling, which we’d only really noticed at the Dan Griffin show a few weeks prior. Too funny. 

The Ascot Royals

Juliana Riolino (the band is now called The Red Birds) opened the show with some folk acoustic tunes. Admittedly, Kristin and I weren’t sure who would be starting off the night and had never heard Julianna’s music, so we were in awe when she began singing. She seemed so unassuming as she took to the mic with her guitar, adjusting the mic and her guitar strap before she began strumming and singing along. Julianna’s got a lovely, warm voice that was showcased throughout her set. She played a few songs on her own before being joined by her band who provided just the right amount of instrumentation to balance out her beautiful vocals. Gosh, she’s got a fantastic vocal range and was so at ease performing. Be sure to take a listen to her song "Sunset Song."

Funny enough, I only realized a few days after this show that I had in fact heard some of her music thanks to my brother Deven! And to make things even seem more “small world-esque,” The Dirty Nil (who my brother’s known for ages) were at The Casbah that night! A band Kristin had yet to meet and one whom we were wanting to see perform, we hoped to meet up with them. There was some tweeting back and forth and unfortunately, we kept missing each other. Thankfully, we’ve heard they’ll be making an appearance at The Playlist 1.0, of course to support their frenemies (they have a Twitter feud going) New Hands.

Then it was time for the Toronto’s The Archives to take the floor. Again, this is yet another band with a dynamic sound to them. Their set was filled with driving, rhythmic guitar, melodic hooks and fantastic vocals all coming together to create a neat, experimental rock sound, as evidenced in their song “Sheeps Clothing.”

Following their set was Secret Broadcast. Hailing from Calgary and based in Toronto, this indie rock band fit in nicely with the night’s musical lineup and also with the Tour’s collective musical taste. Oh and also with our “spy” theme (we’ve had the idea of walkie-talkies which fits well with the band’s name). From the rockin’ guitar, to chanting worthy choruses and “ohs” and a bit of tambourine in songs like “Neon Light” and “Raygun,” this is a band with a cool sound and one I could see the whole group of us dancing along to. Be sure to check out their EP which was released on May 22nd!

Last but not least, The Ascot Royals took to the stage with an impressive set that had Kristin and I so, so excited for The Playlist 1.0. Their sound has certainly evolved and changed since we last saw them, though we should still hear strains of familiarity, whether it be in Jimmy’s vocals or the amazing beats (BEATS!) courtesy of drummer Sam Stark and Ben Chauveau on synths that had everyone dancing away.

The Ascot Royals

One thing I love about these guys is their energy! Watching them perform, each of them so into the music, the groove, and watching Jimmy holding the mic tightly and dancing around (at one point he jumped up on top of the bass drum and stood there belting his heart out) is something to be admired and appreciated. These guys definitely put their heart and soul into their songs and live performances and their energy certainly bounced off the audience, amplifying the whole room (check out the video below). The Ascots played a mix of older and newer tunes, including newer songs like “Think You’re Better” (listen to the chorus, the vocals and harmonies are fantastic), “Stray” and “Do It All Again” (which had got such a rhythmic bassline and driving drumline) and soon enough, everyone was on their feet taking in the dance rock beats of this fantastic band. They all looked like they were having so much fun and it brought a smile to my face, as I imagined what it would be like to see them at our fundraiser.

Speaking of which, we are excited that The Ascot Royals will be performing at our fundraiser, Playlist 1.0, Saturday, July 28th!

xoxo Avishka

2 years ago on 31 May 2012 @ 4:12pm